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Domestic Pest Control

•  Free call outs
•  Same day visits to all enquiries.
•  Guaranteed helpdesk response for landlords and letting agents
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Commercial Pest Control

•  Quick set up for immediate compliance
•  Discreet Service
•  Satisfying Environmental Health, Food standards agency and BRC
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Agricultural Pest Control

•  Annual pest management plans
•  Compliant with Red Tractor assurance, CRRU and Food Standards Agency
•  Get a free environmental risk assessement now
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Pest Control for all our big cities, Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesborough, Durham and all the surrounding towns and villages.


At Cobra Pest Control all our pest control Plans are tailor-made for individual pesmises. We offer a free site survey and risk assesment to determine what level of service you may require. We provide a pest control file free of charge for every pemises containing all the relevant risk assements, site plans, technical reports and all orther documentation required for your premises. Our pest control programs effectively monitor and target nuisance pests that are common to businesses in North East England. We offer free advice on preventative measures and work closely with each of our customers to help implement our recommendations.

We regualrly supply, install and service electronic fly-killers, fly doors, and fly-screens. We can also arranage any bird-netting or spikes for the exterior of buildings. Not only will a pest control contract protect the health and safety of your employees, it will also protect your business reputation and remove any worrys you may have. To find out how Cobra Pest Control can help with your commercial pest control needs, or to book a free site-survey, get in touch with us today.

We are passionate about pest control and are always up to date with industry standards and current legislation.


Our Promise to you

Pest Control North East

retail Cobra Pest Control
Household Pest Control

A low cost, professional pest control service for homes across the North East. We offer Free Call Outs (we wont charge to come and take a look and give advice). Same day visits available to all enquiries. Guaranteed helpdesk response and call out for landlords and letting agents.

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Commercial Pest Control

The modern approach to pest control. Annual pest management plans to satisfy Environmental Health, Food Standards Agency and BRC. No tied in terms. Quick set up for immediate compliance. Easy ways to pay including direct debit. Regular scheduled visits throughout your plan and at your convenience. 24 hour emergency call out with no added fees

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industrial pest control
Agricultural Pest Control

We tackle all the usual suspects that are; Costing you money and wasting your time. Damaging your crops and buildings. Spreading disease to livestock and Risking your assurance standards and compliance with legislation. We provide annual pest management plans compliant with Red Tractor Assurance, CRRU and Food Standards Agency. Get a free environmental risk assessement now.

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We Cover the Entire North East England Region

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Mulgrave Terrace, Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne NE8 1AN

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